• If you intend to visit Bangladesh, on, establish a business, you should get up to date and accurate information. Nationals of most countries require a visa to visit Bangladesh. Visa on arrival also issue for selected countries people. Foreign Nationals wishing to take up paid employment in Bangladesh will require a work permit. These are normally considered for a job for which local experts / technicians are not available....

    Our Services including but not limited to:

    ✔ “E or PI” Visa recommendation.
    ✔ Work permit.
    ✔ Extension of Employment/Investor/Dependent/Expertise Visa.
    ✔ Recommendation of Visa on arrival/Landing visa.
    ✔ Extension of “Business” visa.
    ✔ 18A(1) permission from central Bank (if required).
    ✔ Cancellation of work permit and 18A(1) permission.

  • Once your company is established, you have to get a work permit. The first step is to obtain a „Employment or Investor visa recommendation‟ from BOI. For this, you do have to go your country to get short term E or PI visa based on recommendation. Within the establishment period (before obtain BOI permission) you and your supportive staff can stay in Bangladesh by business visa...
    ...With your company documentation and your E or PI visa recommendation, we will complete the necessary documentation and apply for your work permit on your behalf…

    Our Services including but not limited to:

    ✔ Guideline and demonstrate about process, steps and litigation requirements.
    ✔ Drafting of Board resolution, contract paper etc.
    ✔Documentation and collect security clearance
    ✔ Drafting Invitation letter for business visa
    ✔ Arrange translation and notarized documents which are not in English.
    ✔ Drafting and arrange advertisement for employment.